Author: Daniel Garcia-Montes

I’m a reviewer/writer and sub-editor for Gaming Respawn. Video games, and not much else, are my life and my passion. Human interaction and sunlight are overrated.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Review

Monolith Productions hit it out of the park in 2014 with Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. While it was basically a glorified Orc-killing simulator, the game was nonetheless a real blast to play for mos...Read More

9.5 Amazing

Gaming Respawn’s Favorite Video Game Voice Actors

When it comes to analyzing video games, the first features that most gamers pay attention to are typically graphics, gameplay, controls, and (if available) story. Sound is another feature that lots of...Read More

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Release Date Pushed Back

It seems Warner Bros. and Monolith are following Rockstar’s highly supported lead and have delayed the release of Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Originally scheduled for release on August 22nd, the game...Read More

Gaming Respawn’s Why Haven’t We Gotten These Sequels Yet?

Greetings, readers. A few of us here at Gaming Respawn have formed a small, elite unit of specialists for the purpose of discussing a subject that likely troubles many other gamers out there, and that...Read More

Top 9 Video Game Rage Modes and Transformations

I’ve played my fair share of games over the years, and one aspect I’ve always particularly enjoyed and appreciated was when the characters you control (typically in action-focused games) are capable o...Read More

Nioh Review

For those of you who still don’t know, which would likely be most of you, I’ve never played any of the games that are part of the new sort of genre known as “Souls-Type”. Not the Demon’s/Dark Souls ga...Read More

9 Amazing

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Review

I’m a big fan of the Darksiders series. Having beaten both games multiple times and enjoying their God of War meets The Legend of Zelda style of gameplay, I’m still holding out hope that someday we’ll...Read More

5.5 Average

Dishonored 2 Review

Arkane Studios’ Dishonored was a surprise hit for me and many other gamers (you can read my review of the Definitive Edition of Dishonored here). Needless to say, many were excited about Dishono...Read More

8.5 Great

Aragami Review

I wasn’t expecting very much from this game. I saw the trailer a couple of weeks ago and wasn’t impressed, it appeared to be a very simplistic and linear stealth game that would have almost no lasting...Read More

8 Great

Nioh Beta Preview

For a long time I was completely unaware of Koei Tecmo’s Nioh and its complicated development history. In fact, the game was first brought to my attention just this past February or so. When I l...Read More

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