Author: David Dodgson

David has been playing games since he got hooked on Bombjack and California Games as a kid. Having moved on from joystick waggling, he now enjoys survival adventures, interactive stories, and all things indie.

Far from Noise Review

The cliffhanger is a staple of storytelling. We usually encounter it as a story, chapter or episode comes to an end with the effect of urging us onto the next instalment (or leaving us hanging and won...Read More

6.5 Fair

American Truck Simulator: New Mexico DLC Review

I have never been particularly interested in trucks. Sure, as a kid I used to get excited when we passed a huge semi-articulated lorry on the motorway, but as an adult at the wheel of a small car, I’v...Read More

8.5 Great

Hit for Six – Careers and Challenges for Football Manager 2018

It’s that time of year again when all the major sports games pump out their annual releases, and Football Manager is no different. Year on year, these games can leave long-term fans questioning the in...Read More

‘Battle for Azeroth’ to Bring the Basics Back to World of Warcraft

Blizzcon is underway once again, and the first day featured the anticipated announcement of the next (and seventh!) expansion to the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth, complete with...Read More

Spintires: MudRunner Review

Think about all the factors that would normally ruin a driving game: sluggish, unresponsive controls; a difficult to handle vehicle; a difficult to navigate track or roadway; slow, grinding progress; ...Read More

7.5 Good

Rogue Trooper Redux Review

A few weeks ago, I saw posters advertising The Mummy at my local cinema. Remembering the mildly amusing but not especially great Brendan Fraser films of about 15 years ago, I was surprised that this p...Read More

5.5 Average

Final Inside FM Episode Reveals Football Manager AI Improvements

The seventh and final episode of Inside FM has been released by SI Games, taking a closer look at transfers and changes to AI in the game: Transfers and contract negotiations in Football Manager have ...Read More

‘Is that a sword, or are you just pleased to see me?’ – Boyfriend Dungeon Announced

Kitfox Games created something of a buzz this week with the announcement of forthcoming title ‘Boyfriend Dungeon’ on Twitter: Announcing our upcoming game… Romance your swords in the dating-dung...Read More

Football Manager 2018 Reveals ‘New Look’ Fantasy Draft

The build to the release of the latest iteration of Football Manager continues with a new episode of Inside FM, which shows us the updates to the Fantasy Draft mode: First introduced in the 2016 editi...Read More

Switch Screen Capture Finally Arrives in New Update

Update 4.0.0 has arrived for the Switch bringing some long-awaited features to the hybrid gaming device, Nintendo has announced. Chief among these is the ability to capture video footage from games, f...Read More