Author: Dom Richards

As Content Editor for Gaming Respawn, it is my duty to organise all the excellent feature content found on the site. Along with that, I manage the sites Twitter page. You will also find me reviewing games for the site and, when time permits, the occasional opinion piece. I have been an avid gamer for as long as I can remember. I mainly enjoy story-driven games with horror or stealth-focused gameplay. I also thoroughly enjoy RPGs, shooters and, well, practically anything! May the Force be with you.

New Star Wars: Battlefront II Image

We are just two days away from the biggest event on the gaming community’s calendar. E3 will kick off from the Los Angeles conference centre this coming Saturday, with EA set to host the first c...Read More

The Town of Light Review

Many video games have often been described as ‘movie-like’. This is attributed either due to the quality of the story, action pieces or just the general blockbuster feel of the game. The U...Read More

7.5 Good

New Splinter Cell Game in the Works?

Ubisoft could have a new Splinter Cell game in development as their recent trademark application has surfaced online ahead of the company’s E3 presentation. Does this mean we will see a Splinter...Read More

No Journey Mode on Switch Version of FIFA 18

When it was announced that FIFA 18 would be available to buy on Nintendo’s latest console, we all took an educated guess and knew that it would not be the same as the PS4 or Xbox One release of ...Read More

Elite: Dangerous New Alien Encounter

Elite: Dangerous is one hell of a game. It caters to a large demographic of players, ranging from casual traders, bounty hunters and explorers, a bit like Indiana Jones in space. On the surface, the g...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront II Gameplay Reveal Video Details

E3 is fast approaching, so get ready for some seriously exciting announcements leading up to and, of course, at the event itself. EA themselves today have already announced the latest instalment of th...Read More

Need for Speed: Payback Announced by EA

We are just under two weeks away from E3, and a big announcement has just been made. If you are a fan of driving incredibly fast cars at ludicrous speeds while performing laws of physics-defyning stun...Read More

PlayStation 3 Production Ends in Japan

Well, it’s over. It is finally over. Sony is set to completely retire the incredible PS3. The tech giants have slowly been signalling the end of the PlayStation 3 for quite some time now as the ...Read More

Impact Winter Review

Do you ever find yourself wondering how you would cope during the Apocalypse? There are an endless number of quizzes doing the rounds on social media that calculate just how long you would survive the...Read More

4 Poor

The Witcher Is Coming to Netflix

No one can argue that Game of Thrones is one of the, if not the most, popular show on TV. The adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire has captured the attention of the world an...Read More