Author: Ian McGee

Since my dad first bought me a NES I’ve been hooked to gaming. I play as much as i can and if I’m not playing games, I’m reading about games or listening to podcast about games. I would say Uncharted is my favourite game series.

SNES Classic Mini Review

Nintendo have released another little box of nostalgia in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Mini. Last year we had the NES Classic Mini, which was a great little box of gaming memories, ...Read More

9 Amazing

WWE 2K18 DLC Details

2K have announced new details on their DLC for the upcoming WWE 2K18, which includes more WWE superstars, new movesets and in-game bonusess. The season pass will set you back £24.99 and will include a...Read More

What You Can Buy with Your Money This Week – 22/09/17

We’ve got a new list of games that you can buy with your money this week. Circuit Breakers – PS4 – 22/09/17 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Switch – 22/09/17 Mary Skelter: Nigh...Read More

Nintendo Direct – News Recap

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the news that came out of the latest Nintendo Direct: Switch News Nintendo showed off some more Super Mario Odyssey gameplay and announced that a new Super Mario ...Read More

New Content Added to Rocket League in Autumn Update

Just when you’re wondering what else developer Psyonix could add to Rocket League, they announce a new update called Autumn Update which features new arenas, new banners and a new camera mode. A...Read More

Doom and Wolfenstein Are Coming to Switch

Nintendo have just announced that Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus are coming to the Nintendo Switch. During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, we got the out-of-nowhere announcement...Read More

What You Can Buy with Your Money This Week – 08/09/17

A new week, a new list of games to buy. 3 new games to add to your Switch library and even a new Vita and 3DS game. LEGO Worlds – Switch – 08/09/17 Monster Hunter Stories – 3DS ̵...Read More

WWE 2K18’s Final Roster Is Staggeringly Huge

It’s the final week of roster reveals for WWE 2K18. Has your favourite superstar made this list? Today we got 47 new superstars added to the roster, bringing the total number of playable WWE sup...Read More

Nintendo Switch May Have More Third Party Games Than You Think

Has Nintendo found a way of bringing great third party games to the Switch without having to have downgraded versions? When the Switch was first announced, there was a lot of talk from Nintendo about ...Read More

What You Can Buy with Your Money This Week – 01/09/17

A new week and a new list of games for you to spend your hard-earned cash on, with some big new game releases included. This is what you can spend your money on this week : Rabi-Ribi – Vita /PS4...Read More