Author: James Haxell

I mainly focus on features here at Gaming Respawn, where I can freely voice my thoughts and opinions to those on the internet, as those around me stopped listening years ago. The games I like are pretty standard so I shan’t bore you with what I play, but don’t worry you won’t go empty handed I’ll offer a little less popular one, well among my age range, Viva Pinata.

Hacked Off: Having to Complete Tasks Three Times in Games

Repetition is one of the fundamentals of gaming. Most video games just revolve around completing the same tasks again and again but in slightly different scenarios or even just backdrops. So, getting ...Read More

Hacked Off: When a Game Has Too Many Side Quests

If an open world game didn’t have any side quests, it’d feel pretty empty. Yet, one of the things people complain about most are the side quests. Even several Hacked Off articles have dabb...Read More

Hacked Off: When AIs Have Incredible Aim in Video Games

This week’s Hacked Off could be entirely localised to me. There are two instances where it has really put a downer on my gaming, with the offenders being Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and...Read More

Hacked Off: Having Too Much Freedom in a Game and Not Knowing Where the Hell to Go Next

How many times have you been adventuring in a game which lets you choose the order in which you play missions, and you see something off in the distance which looks like it could lead to more plot? It...Read More

Hacked Off: When a Game Has Online Achievements Which Seem Impossible

As promised, albeit a week or so late, this feature is based on those infernal online achievements/trophies /anything else they go by nowadays. While it’s been a long time since I actually ‘achievemen...Read More

Hacked Off: When Everyone but You Has Left the Online Multiplayer Mode

Nowadays, it is hard to find a game that doesn’t offer an online multiplayer. If it doesn’t, it is often criticised for it. Yet, what’s the point? Unless this is a hugely popular online game like Call...Read More

Hacked Off: When Video Games Have Escort Missions

This is a special topic, as this is the first time someone other than me has been annoyed enough to voice their grievances. Fellow GR writer Michael Fitzgerald shares his most painful memory of escort...Read More

Hacked Off: The Strange Place Pre-Orders and Special Editions Are In at the Moment

Pre-orders are getting out of hand, just like DLC did all those moons ago. There once was a time where you would just go into a shop, on release if you wished, and pick up the game. Nowadays there are...Read More

How The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Can Reinvigorate the Series

The problem most classic Nintendo games have is that they never really mix up the formula. There might be new gimmicks that make it feel different, but the core skeleton of the game is still the same....Read More

Hacked Off: When the Tutorials for Video Games Are Terribly Done

What better way to start off the New Year than by continuing to rant about trivial aspects in video games? Tutorials normally annoy me in any format, as I’m a bigger fan of being left to one’s own dev...Read More

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