Author: Jared Marrero

A blogger, writer, and most importantly gamer. I enjoy long walks in loot filled dungeons, gazing into the eyes of various bosses, and hearing the pleasant pops of PlayStation Trophies.

Sonic Forces Review

Earlier this year, Sega revitalized its biggest blue mascot by giving it a fully revamped 2D game: Sonic Mania. Produced by a group of independent devs (not Sonic Team), the blue hedgehog’s newe...Read More

5 Average

Stifled Review

Note: This review does not include aspects of the VR version released on PSVR For years the horror genre has mirrored that of movies and has added common game systems to that basic structure of story ...Read More

8.5 Great

Wheels of Aurelia Review

Nothing beats a long road trip, especially in the long stretches of unfamiliar road that coat a new vacation, but in Wheels of Aurelia, the roads are all too similar, and the dialogue that accompanies...Read More

4 Poor

Party Hard Tycoon Review

If I told you the creators of a pair of arcade slasher games about killing innocent people were making a game about planning parties in that same universe, you’d probably look at me sideways. In...Read More

8 Great

Raid: World War II Review

Remember the days of first-person shooters on PS2? When it didn’t matter that your player’s hand looked like a cardboard collage of tan polygrams because you’d imagine the grandeur of the ...Read More

3 Bad

The Flame in the Flood (Switch) Review

The Nintendo Switch has been poured on top with indie love since its inception. Everything from ports to original releases, indies have led the way for Nintendo’s newest console, and rightly so....Read More

6 Fair

Hob Review

If there’s one thing about games that nobody loves, including me, it’s tutorials. Those long stretches of constant hand holding and babysitting only ruin the first bits of gameplay. Someti...Read More

6.5 Fair

The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game Review

The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game is unlike any other Lego game TT Games has made. Aside from their carbon copy of Minecraft, they have mostly stuck to a formula which has proceeded to breed recent hi...Read More

6 Fair

Thimbleweed Park (Nintendo Switch) Review

Video games have an odd combination to work out when it comes to crafting a great narrative whilst also giving their players interactivity which paces out long stretches of cutscenes or conversations....Read More

9 Amazing

Lego Worlds (Nintendo Switch) Review

Earlier this year, TT Games introduced us to a new world within the mighty Lego universe. Though it wasn’t a licensed product or an original take on an existing Lego property, Lego Worlds felt a...Read More

7 Good
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