Author: Matthew Wojciow

Destiny 2 Review

Expectations were high for Destiny 2, Bungie needed to satisfy the gamers who had plunged hundreds of hours into the original and its expansions. They also needed to attract the critics of the origina...Read More

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PES 2018 Review

*Note, unfortunately, I have been unable to test how myClub has improved as the servers don’t go live until release, and the same goes for the online co-op modes; therefore, this review is based...Read More

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5 Tips for Call of Duty: WWII Beta Success

The Call of Duty: WWII Beta has started on PS4 and marks the first boots on the ground Call of Duty since Ghosts and the first WWII Call of Duty since World at War. If you find yourself struggling to ...Read More

Top Ten First-Person Shooters of All Time

The first-person shooter genre had a brilliant run on the 7th generation of consoles. While there have been some gems on current gen consoles, the genre so far hasn’t reached the heights it once...Read More