Author: Oliver Culling

ARKTIKA.1, the First VR Shooter from Metro 2033 Developers, Has Been Released

ARKTIKA.1, a virtual reality, first-person shooting game from the developers of the Metro 2033 titles, released yesterday for the Oculus Rift. Developed by 4A Games, the team behind the video game ada...Read More

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition Announced

Announced on the official PlayStation Twitter account, Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition will be released, including the base game and The Frozen Wilds expansion, by Guerrilla Games, coming to North...Read More

Culdcept Revolt Review

While playing through this game, I began to wonder how the original creators pitched Culdcept. You must have some masterful charisma in order to sell the idea of marrying a Monopoly-like board game to...Read More

8.5 Great

Voice Performance Strike Reaching a Tentative Deal with Major Games Companies

The Screen Actors Guild known as SAG-AFTRA may have reached a tentative deal with the games companies the group was striking against, which means the long running voice actors strike might be reaching...Read More

Final Fantasy IX Out Now on PS4

The ninth entry of the Final Fantasy series, ‘Final Fantasy IX’, is out now on the Playstation Store for the PS4. This news originated from a trailer at TGS 2017, but the Final Fantasy official Twitte...Read More

Bruce Straley, Co-director of The Last of Us and Uncharted, Departs from Naughty Dog

One of Naughty Dog’s key staff members, Bruce Straley, has announced he will be leaving the development company. This news was announced on Naughty Dog’s Twitter account and on Naughty Dog’s official ...Read More

Yakuza Kiwami Review

Yakuza Kiwami is kind of an odd beast. Developed and published by SEGA (with some help from Deep Silver) as part of a celebration for the tenth anniversary of the Yakuza series, Kiwami is a complete r...Read More

9 Amazing

Cheaper PlayStation VR Bundle Announced; Older Bundle Receives Price Drop

PlayStation have announced on their official Twitter account that a new PlayStation VR bundle will be available starting September 1st. Ready to dive into the world of virtual reality? This new bundle...Read More

‘Souls-Like Shooter’ Immortal: Unchained Announced

Earlier today, the development group Toadman Interactive announced a game that claims to be a shooter inspired by the Dark Souls series. Accompanying this announcement was a trailer and some hints to ...Read More

Swery65’s Next Game, ‘The Good Life’, Has Been Leaked Early

Developer of the quite mad Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Swery65 (real name Hidetaka Suehiro) had previously announced that he would be unveiling his newest game at PAX West ...Read More

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