Author: Sean Morge

Five Points of Gaming: Dominion is Dead, Long Live Dominion

Welcome back to Five Points, a weekly feature that finds ways to try and avoid being weekly. Now, the delay could be from the tragic death of David Bowie. Or from the recent results in New Hampshire a...Read More

5 Points of Gaming: The VR Wars

Last week was boring, huh? The biggest piece of news was something or other about a version of the Xbox One controller being more popular than expected. Listen, I have no problem covering obscure news...Read More

2015 in Review

2015 was a year in gaming that occurred. Things happened. Before we move on to the New Year wholly, we should look back at those things, whether it be to remember the good times, curse the bad times, ...Read More

Have You Played… The Beginner’s Guide?

Hey there! This is awkward, I’m filling in for Jorge, as he was busy, so I’ll try not to mess this up too bad! On to the game, then. My recommendation, in his stead, is ‘The Beginner...Read More

Five Points of Gaming: The Steam Debacle

Welcome back to the ‘Five Points’, a feature where we attempt to maintain a weekly schedule, it’s tougher than it sounds I swear, and take a look back at the week in gaming. As alway...Read More

5 points of Gaming: Candy Crush, Black Ops 3, and more

Hello and welcome back to the 5 points of gaming. I was sick last week, so I might have missed the latest Konami scandal. Luckily for me, those seem to grown on trees, and I have absolutely no interes...Read More

5 Points of Gaming: Kojima, Total War, and Steam

Hello and welcome back to the 5 Points of Gaming. This week seemed be a lot more boring, at least in regards to the games industry. Perhaps its because no Indie darlings decided to jettison logic and ...Read More

5 points of Gaming: The Endangerment of Mods, EA and the Battlefront Mess

Hello and welcome back to the 5 Points of Gaming! It’s been a rough week for me, but a potentially even rougher one for the industry. The best part about it? The most threatening piece of legisl...Read More

Warhammer: Vermintide Early Impressions

‘Warhammer: Vermintide” is now in open beta for people who have pre-ordered the game, and I spent the last couple days checking it out. First thing’s first, the game is in Beta, so a...Read More

5 Points of Gaming: Micro-transactions, EA, and more

Hello and welcome back to the 5 points of gaming for the week. Unfortunately, there were no major debates over ethics in journalism or crowd funding scandals, at least not to the level of last week...Read More

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