Author: Steve Gill

For nearly 30 years I’ve been enthralled by the magic and escapism of video games. From the highly-pixelated 2D graphics and simple but addictive gaming concepts of the 8-bit era to the sophisticated multiplayer 3D worlds of the modern gaming system, I’ve always loved gaming. These days I’m a massive fan of indie games, but I still find time to play classic Amiga and PC games via emulation and read about video game history.

The Commanders Beta Coming to Elite: Dangerous on Monday

Well, it wouldn’t quite be Elite: Dangerous without at least some confusion or delay regarding upcoming content, especially with a slightly ambiguous statement like “landing the week ending February 2...Read More

Alien Swarm Reactive Drop 01

Life in the Old Dog Yet? Alien Swarm Expansion Coming to Steam

Yo! Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen, because the virtually-forgotten freeware game Alien Swarm is finally about to see some much-needed reinvigoration. Though, unsurprisingly and rather disappo...Read More

Explore a Beautiful Yet Hostile Alien World in Anew: The Distant Light

I do very much have a soft spot for games with unique or interesting art styles, so I was immediately wowed by the visuals in the trailer for Anew: The Distant Light. Set on what looks to be a huge an...Read More

Indie Freebies: V.H.S: Video.Horror.Story, Cigarettes and Minute of Rage

Always short of a few bob and looking for something a bit different, each week I scour the internet for fun, interesting or just plain curious Indie Freebies. This week’s highlighted titles are: V.H.S...Read More

Sunless Skies Rockets onto Kickstarter

Ahoy there, Zee Captains! Sunless Skies, Failbetter Games’ successor to the critically-acclaimed and joyously-bizarre Sunless Sea, is now seeking funding over on Kickstarter. Like its predecessor, Sun...Read More

Memoranda Review

Mizuka is a young woman who keeps forgetting her name. She hasn’t slept for 17 days – the invisible old sailor living next to her bed won’t let her. A runaway circus elephant wants to be human. He’s h...Read More

7 Good
CAYNE cutscene

Indie Freebies: CAYNE and Color Wave

Always short of a few bob and looking for something a bit different, each week I scour the internet for fun, interesting or just plain curious Indie Freebies. Just the two games this week: CAYNE, a da...Read More

Enter the Gungeon Supply Drop

Enter the Gungeon Resupplied With Free Update

Gungeoneers, rejoice! It looks like the fast-paced guntastic puntastic bullet-hell dungeon-crawling dodge-rolling roguelike Enter the Gungeon just got a little bit bigger. Launched earlier today, the ...Read More

Pixel Art Academy Title

Pixel Art Academy: Learn Art Through a Social Adventure Game

When I were a young ‘un, video games and pixel art were pretty much one and the same. Aside from some fairly primitive 3D, the comparatively miniscule resolution, memory and processing power of the 8-...Read More

Hardboiled Cyberpunk Adventure Neofeud Coming Soon

I’m not sure what compels me towards dystopian fiction and hardboiled detectives, maybe it’s because I’m a jaded, miserable git who thinks the world is going to hell, but I loved the trailers for the ...Read More