Author: Tubey

Swarm Universe Review

The top down shmup genre is one were innovation is hard to come by, simply because it’s been done over and over again pretty much since Asteroids – so it’s no mean feat by the developers when they cau...Read More

6.5 Fair

SkyKeepers Review

When you play enough 2D indie action platformers, you have to resist the urge to roll your eyes when you see yet another one and pro-actively make the effort to give it the benefit of the doubt. SkyKe...Read More

8.5 Great

Red Barton & the Sky Pirates Review

The Steam store page for Red Barton & the Sky Pirates says it is reminiscent of N64 classic Star Fox and the arcade smash hit After Burner. That is one terrible use of the word ‘reminiscent’. ‘Moc...Read More

1 Horrendous

The Retro Chronicles…Blue Dragon

The year is 2006. After a flurry of JRPGs in the wake of the game-changing Final Fantasy VII on the PS1, the following generation of consoles had turned the tide of gaming tastes away from the genre a...Read More

Four Last Things Review

After a playthrough of The Curse of Monkey Island for my Retro Chronicles series, I got the bug for more point & click adventure goodness. I didn’t expect to find anything interesting, given the g...Read More

8.5 Great

The Retro Chronicles…The Curse of Monkey Island

When you sit down and boot up a game, what is it you’re looking for? Is it a challenge to sink your teeth into? Or a funny, relaxing experience in which to indulge? Whatever your motivation for gaming...Read More

Poi Review

Poi is an assortment of contradictions. It is both anachronistic and modern. It is eye-catching yet also easy to ignore. It is even shallow and deep at the same time. It is Poi – an indie platfo...Read More

8 Great

The Retro Chronicles…Saboteur II: Avenging Angel

Hey, who’s the earliest strong female lead character you can think of in video gaming? Okay, yeah, you’re going to say Samus, and fair enough – she was one of the very first, appearing in Metroid in 1...Read More

Quarantine Review

This review is based on the current build of Quarantine as of 9th February 2017 – the game is currently in the Early Access phase of development. At what point does the genre of ‘turn-based stra...Read More

7 Good

The Retro Chronicles… Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries

One genre that has mysteriously died a death in recent years is real-time strategy. Sure, you have Starcraft II and the Total War series, but when you really think about it, that’s pretty much it. The...Read More

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