Star Wars: Battlefront II Review

The build-up for Star Wars: Battlefront II is somewhat reminiscent of the hype and build of 1999’s The Phantom Menace. Episode I was promised to herald in a new era of Star Wars, it was the firs...Read More

9 Amazing

Sonic Forces Review

Earlier this year, Sega revitalized its biggest blue mascot by giving it a fully revamped 2D game: Sonic Mania. Produced by a group of independent devs (not Sonic Team), the blue hedgehog’s newe...Read More

5 Average

L.A. Noire for Switch Review

Incorrectly regarded as a Rockstar Games title (it was developed by Team Bondi), crime adventure game L.A. Noire was highly praised when it initially released in May 2011. The gritty drama of the case...Read More

9 Amazing

Ashes Cricket Review

Cricket is one of those sports that has always had a spotty history in the video game world. Back in the early PS1 and PS2 days, fans had Brian Lara Cricket and EA’s Cricket series, with the for...Read More

7 Good

What The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey Tell Us About Nintendo’s Open-World Philosophy

Especially compared to their experience creating platformers, the open world genre is one that’s fairly new to Nintendo. The stellar The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild proved they were capable of...Read More

Rings of Saturn Issue #20: “Euro 96” in IF THIS IS FOOTBALL COMING HOME, THEN I’M MOVING HOUSE!!

For those not acquainted with mid 90s British culture, they were a strange time to be around. Bands like Oasis and Blur gave birth to the “Brit Pop” movement, and in turn, the tagline of “Cool Britann...Read More

Cities: Skylines – Console Edition: Snowfall Review

‘Tis the season. Well, at least ’tis rapidly approaching the season. For those who don’t know yet, ‘the season’ is that period during winter when many religions and diffe...Read More

7 Good

Far from Noise Review

The cliffhanger is a staple of storytelling. We usually encounter it as a story, chapter or episode comes to an end with the effect of urging us onto the next instalment (or leaving us hanging and won...Read More

6.5 Fair

American Truck Simulator: New Mexico DLC Review

I have never been particularly interested in trucks. Sure, as a kid I used to get excited when we passed a huge semi-articulated lorry on the motorway, but as an adult at the wheel of a small car, I’v...Read More

8.5 Great

Nioh: Complete Edition PC Review

So it has finally come. Nioh, the even more Japanese version of Dark Souls, has made it to the PC in all its gory glory. Snap judgments aside (its similarity to Dark Souls may be overstated), many peo...Read More

7.5 Good