Let’s Play Dark Souls – Part 4: It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

On this weeks continuation of our Dark Souls Let’s Play Will takes on the giant flaming spider monster of Blight Town, he tries to explain what happened in the missing episode and finds some fri...Read More

Wrestle Respawn – The Mae Young Classic: Episode 2

Well the first episode of this tournament was an enjoyable start, with some good character work and a fun main event. Let’s see how Episode 2 shakes up in comparison! This event is emanating from Full...Read More

Madden NFL 18 Review

Another year, another Madden. Madden NFL 18 is, undeniably, an evolutionary rather than revolutionary entry in the series: What we’re offered is a shinier version of 17 with a few new bells and whistl...Read More

9 Amazing

Songbringer Review

Who’s afraid of procedural generation? If you took anything away from Songbringer’s press releases and factsheets, it probably had to do with freedom. Freedom to explore, fight, and experience a vibra...Read More

6 Fair

Rockstar Games Announce L.A. Noire for PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Today, Rockstar Games have announced new versions of their blockbuster detective thriller, L.A. Noire, are scheduled to release on November 14th, 2017 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. ...Read More

WWE 2K18’s Final Roster Is Staggeringly Huge

It’s the final week of roster reveals for WWE 2K18. Has your favourite superstar made this list? Today we got 47 new superstars added to the roster, bringing the total number of playable WWE sup...Read More

Absolver Review

I never really got the love of martial arts. The Bruce Lee movies and UFC just don’t click as a genuine art form. Any semi-knowledgeable person would be able to totally disregard my old self. Th...Read More

7.5 Good

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review

It’s a bold and daring move to pair one of the most famous and iconic video game mascots ever with your own not-so-famous equivalents. Ubisoft have done the unthinkable. Their Rabbids characters (effe...Read More

9.5 Amazing

The Escapists 2 Review

The Escapists 2 is a deceptive game. The premise is straightforward – you are a prison inmate looking to set yourself free by any means necessary. The retro graphics, reminiscent of Team17’s Amiga-era...Read More

8 Great

Ken Follet’s The Pillars of the Earth Book 1: From the Ashes Review

Developers Daedalic Entertainment are best known for the Deponia series, an offbeat comedic adventure, so I was curious to see how they would handle the transition to more serious subject matter in a ...Read More

7.5 Good