How to Find Central Park in The Division

The Division is great for exploring but, unfortunately, one of New York’s most iconic areas, Central Park, is not included in the main game. However, one Reddit user, Chaz630, has managed to gai...Read More

Dark Souls 3 Pre-orders Selling Out Fast

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New 2D Racing Game for the Amiga

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Retro Respawn – Super Soccer

There are some games that enjoy massive popularity and I just can’t fathom why. For that reason, I’ve been kind of dreading doing a feature on this one for a while. I have never had the warm nostalgic...Read More

New Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Trailer Released

Bethesda today released a new trailer for Fallout 4’s first piece of DLC, Automatron. Check it out below.   In Automatron, the mysterious Mechanist has unleashed a horde of evil robots into...Read More

GenreQuest: 3D Platformers – Part 2

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8 Reasons Why You Should Try Black Desert

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Sony Says The Time Is Now For VR

The Game Developers Conference is scheduled to take place next week and the one big thing on everyone’s mind is Virtual Reality. One of Sony’s big hitters has opened up as said to have com...Read More

How to Level Up Fast in The Division

The Division is a game which requires you to constantly level up in order to explore the story and unlock new content in the game. In that sense, it’s a traditional MMO, so this article will tak...Read More

The Division Becomes Ubisoft’s Best-Selling Day One Game

Following the launch of The Division on Tuesday, Ubisoft has announced that the game is breaking records for the company having sold more copies in the first 24 hours than any other game in Ubisoft...Read More