90 Minute Fever developer Isokron talks about their upcoming football management MMO, Football Manager Live and Early Access

Ever since Football Manager Live closed its doors back in 2011, a massive void in my life has remained unfulfilled. No game since has come close to capturing the experience that Football Manager Live ...Read More

The Theory Files: Pokémon Child Einstein

Welcome to the first episode of what I’m going to call “The Theory Files”. Hopefully you will all enjoy these as much as I enjoy researching them. But anyway that’s enough of that, let’s g...Read More

Hacked Off: Slow NPCs

It has been a whole week since I managed to rant for 700 odd words about unlocking hard mode. Well, we’re back for the second area of games that annoy me. Those of you who are struggling to recall eve...Read More

Tomb Raider

Have You Played…Tomb Raider?

Tomb Raider was always one of those games that I knew about for the longest time ever, but had just never played. I understood a little bit about what the games were about and I knew that Lara Croft w...Read More

RPG Roundup: Trails in the Sky

Look we all know your Final Fantasies, your Dragon Quests, your Suikodens (come on guys it cannot be just me), but a large number of popular JRPGs in their home country simply do not get the same trac...Read More

D.G.M.’s Gaming Life Before Gaming Respawn Part 27

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GenreQuest: 3D Platformers – Part 6

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Favourite Gaming Memes

Memes are cool, right? Well, here’s a list of some of my favourite gaming memes and parodies that ended up making me laugh and becoming popular on the internet. Make sure to tell us your favouri...Read More

Hacked Off: Unlocking Hard Mode

You may be wondering what it is you have stumbled upon. Well to put you out of your misery and confusion I shall explain. This is the first of many, well hopefully, features where I will talk about di...Read More

Have You Played…God of War?

God of War on the Playstation 2 was a highlight of the system’s lifetime. The success of the game brought about the creation of various other titles in the series. This success continues to this...Read More