Mike’s Match of the Week – Glasgow Celtic Vs Heart of Midlothian 05/08/2017

With a new football (soccer if you’re demented) season underway, I’ve decided to try out a new feature here on Gaming Respawn. Every week I’ll take a look at the fixtures around the world and pi...Read More

The Gaming Respawn Podcast – Episode 3

On this week’s episode of the Gaming Respawn Podcast; Dom, Alec and Will chat about the PlayStation Plus price hike, the PS Plus games this month and the rumours surrounding the future of PlaySt...Read More

Hear Our Thoughts on the Destiny 2 Beta

This week has seen the release of the Destiny 2 beta which included a few activities that us Guardians were able to complete. This article is your guide to the five events that were available during t...Read More

The Fitzgerald Scale – Should Nintendo Stop Making Consoles?

Does anyone else think that Nintendo should stop making consoles? Am I alone on this one? I accept that this might be seen as a strange argument to make, seeing as Nintendo only recently hit the one m...Read More

The Gaming Respawn Podcast – Episode 1

We, at Gaming Respawn, are proud to present the first episode of our brand new podcast. This week Dom, Ian M. and Alec discuss topics ranging from Star Wars (surprise, surprise) to Assassin’s Cr...Read More

The History and Success of Rocket League

Rocket League has just celebrated its two-year anniversary, and what two years it has been for developer Psyonix. Selling over 10 million copies across all platforms and a Switch version due out later...Read More

Respawn Reflection: FIFA 18 Career Mode Wish List

FIFA is one of the most popular games on the planet. There is no denying the yearly football (or soccer to our transatlantic cousins) sim is a highlight on the video game calendar. Its yearly sales fi...Read More

Respawn Reflection: My Love for Life Is Strange

Hello there, and welcome to Gaming Respawn’s newest weekly feature, Respawn Reflection. Before we dive right into the subject on this feature’s debut, a quick explanation of what you can e...Read More

Primal Screen: E3 2017 – Dispatches from the Couch

E3 is weird. I’m not talking about the real-life version, the 68,400 people squeezed into the LA Convention Centre over three days for E3 2017, but rather the Electronics Entertainment Expo as m...Read More

Hacked Off: Having to Complete Tasks Three Times in Games

Repetition is one of the fundamentals of gaming. Most video games just revolve around completing the same tasks again and again but in slightly different scenarios or even just backdrops. So, getting ...Read More