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Retro Respawn Video Review – Danny Baker’s Fabulous World of Freak Football

“Football is not trainspotting and, despite what they say, it’s not accountancy either. Oh, you can make it a PLC, but you cannot tame it. Football is chaos, football is wild, and it’...Read More

9.5 Amazing

Retro Respawn DVD Review – Doctor Who: The Dominators

I’ve decided to try something new this week for the Film and TV section of the website. Today I’ll be looking at a classic episode of one of my favourite TV shows, Doctor Who. I don’t watch a lot of T...Read More

6.5 Fair

Black Mirror: Ranking Season Four Episodes

We’ve watched a wonderful season of technological horror stories and have franked them in order from good to best. Writer Jared Marrero explains why this list was so hard to nail down, and why t...Read More

Wrestle Respawn – My Top Ten Favourite Lariats/Clotheslines

In the world of professional wrestling, it is sometimes favourable to keep things simple instead of overly complicating them. Yes, a fluent series of high spots can sometimes be truly thrilling and re...Read More

WWE Unreleased: 1986-1995 Review

I’ve been planning to review this collection for a while, but due to other commitments I’ve been forced to work my way through it at a snail’s pace. Because make no mistake, WWE Unreleased: 1986-1995 ...Read More

8 Great

Wrestle Respawn – NJPW Power Struggle 2017

I don’t get a chance to write about Puroresu that much here on GR but, seeing as New Japan Pro Wrestling’s “Power Struggle” event this prior weekend was both newsworthy and a fun show to boot, I decid...Read More

Thor: Ragnarok and the Delicate Balance of Movie Marketing

Any halfway passionate film fan will know about the ‘trailer movie’, those productions that just about have enough decent moments to fill a two to three minute trailer but are generally a tedious chor...Read More

Retro Wrestle Respawn – Five of My Favourite Rivalries for Secondary Titles

As Dusty Rhodes once so succinctly put to Diamond Dallas Page; “If you’re not in this business to be the World Champion, then why are you in it?” True though those words certainly are it’s a harsh rea...Read More

Wrestle Respawn – Five of my Favourite Bobby Heenan Commentary moments/running gags

The world of wrestling fandom was hit hard over the weekend by the saddening news of Bobby “The Brain” Heenan’s passing on. Reviled (In a positive way) by fans for decades, Heenan will always be remem...Read More

Wrestle Respawn – The Mae Young Classic: Episode 2

Well the first episode of this tournament was an enjoyable start, with some good character work and a fun main event. Let’s see how Episode 2 shakes up in comparison! This event is emanating from Full...Read More

Wrestle Respawn – The Mae Young Classic: Episode 1

Following on from the success of last year’s Cruiserweight Classic, WWE have decided to do another large tournament this year as well, with the difference being that this will be women only. There’s s...Read More

Dunkirk Review

What truly defines and endures about Christopher Nolan’s take on the 1940 Dunkirk evacuation is its claustrophobic intensity, the way you’re stuck right in the middle of the chaos as the superstar dir...Read More

10 Superb

Wrestle Respawn – GLOW

I really don’t watch a lot of TV any more, which is strange because ten years ago I used to watch it almost incessantly. Whether it was House, The Wire or Monday Night Raw, I was regularly tuned in in...Read More

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

“Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can”. Which, in this case, includes being really, really bad at talking to girls. One of the greatest things about Spider-Man: Homecoming is that it tak...Read More

The Mummy Review

With The Mummy, we’ve now firmly entered the Peter Pan period of Tom Cruise’s career, the 54-year-old actor still convinced he can play the action hero he did when he was 25, the movie sta...Read More

Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman is, at its heart, a cheesy action film, a glorious throwback to the days of matinee adventures, Nazi-punching, cackling villains and virtuous heroes and heroines. It’s a telling rem...Read More

First Reported Uncharted Movie Casting, Tom Holland Set to Play a Young Nathan Drake?

The Uncharted movie has been on and off for years, but apparently it’s getting closer and closer to release and today we heard the heard the first credible rumour on who will play the infamous N...Read More

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Review

Guy Ritchie’s interpretation of the King Arthur legend has a surprising central flaw; it’s not enough of a Guy Ritchie film. Throughout his career, from establishing himself as the auteur ...Read More

Mindhorn Review

Mindhorn is half of a great film. For 45 minutes or so, it’s great fun, co-writers and stars Julian Barratt (one half of The Mighty Boosh) and Simon Farnaby (probably best known for the Horrible...Read More

Primal Screen: How Telltale’s Game of Thrones Adaptation Finally Got Me Watching It

Hello, and welcome to Gaming Respawn’s newest feature, Primal Screen. Every Thursday, I’ll take an in-depth look at something in the world of film, TV and video games, ranging from the lit...Read More

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