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Avengers: Infinity War Review

Welcome to the end of the world party Back in 2012 Marvel pulled off something rare, they not only created one of the first truly successful cinematic universe’s but capped it off with the first...Read More

9 Amazing

WWE Unreleased: 1986-1995 Review

I’ve been planning to review this collection for a while, but due to other commitments I’ve been forced to work my way through it at a snail’s pace. Because make no mistake, WWE Unreleased: 1986-1995 ...Read More

8 Great

Batman and Harley Quinn Review

If you are a Batman fan, you have probably watched Batman: The Animated Series from the 90s, with Kevin Conroy voicing the Dark Knight himself, and have also watched most of the other Warner Bros. Bat...Read More

8.5 Great

Dunkirk Review

What truly defines and endures about Christopher Nolan’s take on the 1940 Dunkirk evacuation is its claustrophobic intensity, the way you’re stuck right in the middle of the chaos as the superstar dir...Read More

10 Superb

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

“Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can”. Which, in this case, includes being really, really bad at talking to girls. One of the greatest things about Spider-Man: Homecoming is that it tak...Read More

The Mummy Review

With The Mummy, we’ve now firmly entered the Peter Pan period of Tom Cruise’s career, the 54-year-old actor still convinced he can play the action hero he did when he was 25, the movie sta...Read More

Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman is, at its heart, a cheesy action film, a glorious throwback to the days of matinee adventures, Nazi-punching, cackling villains and virtuous heroes and heroines. It’s a telling rem...Read More

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Review

Guy Ritchie’s interpretation of the King Arthur legend has a surprising central flaw; it’s not enough of a Guy Ritchie film. Throughout his career, from establishing himself as the auteur ...Read More

Mindhorn Review

Mindhorn is half of a great film. For 45 minutes or so, it’s great fun, co-writers and stars Julian Barratt (one half of The Mighty Boosh) and Simon Farnaby (probably best known for the Horrible...Read More

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

Given that pop music plays such a central role in the film, it’s perhaps fitting that watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 occasionally feels like listening to a greatest hits album. Notably,...Read More

Big Little Lies Series 1, Episode 1 Review

In Big Little Lies, the 2014 novel, Australian author Lian Moriarty took a scalpel to the fictional coastal Sydney neighbourhood of Pirriwee, cutting under the idyllic surface to reveal the neuroses, ...Read More

Hacksaw Ridge Review

Hacksaw Ridge tells the harrowing story of Desmond Doss, a World War 2 Field Medic who was a devout Christian, a Seventh Day Adventist, and, most importantly, a conscientious objector. He refused to c...Read More

La La Land Review

As the film at the glitziest time in the cinematic calendar, it’s difficult to watch La La Land without preconceptions. It’s simultaneously the clear favourite for the Best Picture Oscar s...Read More

Batman: The Killing Joke Review

If you’re a Batman fan, you definitely went to see the animated film Batman: The Killing Joke when it was released in theaters (it was out only for one day on July 25th) maybe you even own the c...Read More

Kubo and the Two Strings Review

Upon first seeing ParaNorman back in 2012, I was immediately impressed by studio Laika’s beautiful stop motion animation and wonderfully compelling stories. Since then, I’ve continued to be blown away...Read More