Emiliano’s Top Gaming Wallpapers

If anyone here loves gaming, then they’ll probably also love to look at awesome pictures, mainly on their desktop. My desktop wallpaper changes every day like my underwear, it’s a habit now. Every day is a new day for my desktop. So, I thought I would share some of these wallpapers I use. After all, who doesn’t like sharing? Sharing is caring, right?

To me, any game about space generally makes a brilliant desktop wallpaper, thereforeEvE: Online and the like make superb settings. Personally, I love the bright, vivid colours that come with space and its nebulas.


But space games aside, I love a wallpaper that has a lot going on like League of Legends and Dota 2. Multiple heroes fighting it out for dominance always seems to brighten the picture up.


Then there are the army wallpapers, everyone loves a good depiction of a battlefield and what’s better than EA’s Battlefield itself?


There are many wallpapers out there to feed everyone’s hunger for a nice desktop. You just need that push in the right direction to find them. Have a dabble and see if there are any you like out of my favourites.



I’ve added them to a .Zip file for ease. I have tried to stay as neutral as possible with the resolution sizes as not everyone has 2K and 4K monitors so 1920×1080 is fair. Enjoy looking!

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I have played games for as long as I can remember, starting with the Sega Mega drive and all the way through to current gen. I specialize mainly in PC gaming though playing mostly MMO's but pretty much any game!