Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition Gets Release Date

It looks like fans of the Farming Simulator series will have the ability to take their agricultural adventures on the road with them in the very near future, as Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition has been announced for later this year.

The popular series looks to make its way over to Nintendo’s portable flagship – the Nintendo Switch, on the 14th of November. It’s also available to pre-order immediately with a price of £37.99.

Farming Simulator is a game that is exactly as described on the tin; it offers up a few areas of agriculture for you to virtually work in by allowing you to tend to fields, the forest, and of course, to your animals. You’ll be doing all of this while taking control of one of the some 250 farming vehicles from over 75 licensed manufacturers that it has to offer.

Switch patrons will be sure to enjoy another title being added to their console’s ever growing roster.

With the Switch offering the unique ability of ploughing your fields while riding the train to work, I’m sure this will be one of the main features that will help herd fans of the Farming Simulator series towards the Nintendo Switch Edition.

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