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Out of the Park Developments Announces Distribution Partnership with EA

Out of the Park Developments has announced that they have signed a digital distribution partnership with EA which will see their upcoming baseball sim, Out of the Park Baseball 19, made available to purchase on Origin.

In addition to being available to purchase on Origin at launch, Out of the Park Baseball 19 will also be included as part of EA’s Origin Access subscription service which grants access to a number of titles for a monthly fee. To coincide with the announcement of their partnership, EA are currently offering a 10% discount on any pre-orders made for OOTPB19 through Origin.

“We are delighted and honored to partner with Electronic Arts to distribute our baseball game directly to EA’s biggest fans,” said OOTP Developments CEO and lead developer Markus Heinsohn.
“EA’s long history of sports excellence makes Origin a tremendous platform. A whole new audience will now experience the delights and agonies of running a baseball franchise across the majors and minors, from today or throughout the entire history of the sport.”
OOTP CMO Richard Grisham added, “We believe this is the ultimate win-win-win for everyone. The Origin platform benefits from adding an award-winning baseball strategy game, and we at Out of the Park Developments gain a new audience to interact with on a daily basis. We are also very excited about where this will lead in the future as we build even more experiences for every single kind of gaming fan.”
Out of the Park Developments also released some records that Out of the Park Baseball 18 set, which included the game hitting a record peak of 1,147 concurrent players on November 9th. More than 3.5 million hours of the game were also played across all platforms by more than 120,000 players.
Out of the Park Baseball 19 releases on PC on March 22nd and will retail at $39.99.

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