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Celebrate the Second Anniversary of Overwatch in Style

Overwatch is set for its 2-year anniversary next week. To celebrate, Blizzard are adding a ton of content into the game, including 50 new items, a new map, game mode and more!

The second-annual celebration event will begin on May 22nd and will be available until June 11th on all three platforms (PC, Xbox One & PlayStation 4). 50 new cosmetic items are being added which include 3 epic and 8 legendary skins. There are also new dance emotes for the newer characters that didn’t already have them: Doomfist, Moira and Brigitte.

All the previous seasonal events will be returning. This means events such as Halloween Terror and Winter Wonderland will be available again, plus all seasonal brawls, like Lucioball and Yeti Hunt, are coming back. The Overwatch: Archives will also return so players can get clued up on some Overwatch lore.

A new map, Petra, is being introduced along with the first Competitive Deathmatch Season. This will feature official rankings and competitive points for Free-for-all Deathmatches that take place on both Petra and fellow Arcade map, Château Guillard.

All the cosmetic items that have featured throughout the two-year existence of the game will be available via loot boxes. Each player will receive one as a login bonus which is guaranteed to drop one legendary item.

Check out the Overwatch director, Jeff Kaplan, give the rundown of the 2nd-year Anniversary in this Developer Update video:

On top of all this, Blizzard have announced the release of the Overwatch: Legendary Edition. This is a digital version of the title which will include the base game and 15 skins, all of them being Legendary, Epic or Origin skins.

Be sure to read our review for Overwatch here.

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