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Huge Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Update Adds Cody, Changes Survival Mode and More

A big Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition update will arrive on June 25th.

The update will feature new Season 3 Character Cody Travers coming one day earlier than expected, plus two major changes.

The controversial Survival Mode is being revamped after two and a half years of fan requests. Street Fighter V players have not enjoyed the difficulty, which resulted in the mode being ridiculed since the title launched in 2016.

New consumables called Battle Goods are being introduced to Survival Mode. These are similar to the current Battle Supplements that are available, and they will be used to give players advantages and boost chances of winning rounds. They’re expected to make the mode more bearable and easier to complete.

Battle Goods can be obtained via completing Survival Mode, and the amount rewarded to players will depend on the difficulty they select. Capcom are also adding the option to continue after losing a round in Survival Mode along with the ability to save progress. However, this will cost 1,000 Fight Money.  On top of this, random opponents can now be selected instead of fighting through the pre-determined line-up of fighters.

Another major change is the new Fighting Chance system that will arrive in the update. Fighting Chance essentially adds loot boxes to the title. Players can purchase a ‘‘Fantasy Fortune Reading’’ from the Egyptian fortune teller and Season 2 character Menat for the fee of 500 Fight Money.

Fantasy Fortune Readings will offer:

• Battle Goods for Survival Mode
• New colors only obtainable in Fantasy Fortune Readings
• Rare costumes only available via Fantasy Fortune Readings
• Classic pieces of Street Fighter art from across the series

All players will receive Battle Goods and one Fantasy Fortune Reading for free upon logging in when the update rolls out on June 25th.

Since Fight Money cannot be purchased with real cash, Fantasy Fortune Readings are only available through earning Fight Money via playing the game.

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Source: Capcom Unity

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