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Warframe Is Coming to Switch, Adds Second Open Area and Space Battles

Digital Extremes just keep on proving that Warframe is the game that keeps on giving. In this year’s annual Tennocon, the team debuted not only a brand new winter-themed open area but also a new space ship combat mode, complete with multiperson controlled cruisers and ship boardings. The developers also announced that the game will be coming to Nintendo Switch.

The Warframe developers pulled no punches at their third dedicated con this year, unveiling the game’s second open area, the snow-capped Venus base of Fortuna. In the impressive demo, the devs showed off a series of visually vast areas, as well as new enemies, side quests and hover bikes.

The entire showcase already had the crowd howling, but that wasn’t the end of it. As the demo was (seemingly) about to end, a cruiser ship came to take the player away. Rather than a load screen, however, we were greeted to a new shared home ship that held the entire squad. Then the ship pulled out of orbit (all in-game, I might add) to a space battle raging above. The squad mounted the guns and engaged, and as they did so, they were boarded and had to fight invading enemies. Then while one player kept up the fire, the second player proceeded to board the enemy ship, fighting through the giant vessel as his squadmate kept up the fight in space.

The entire showcase was downright impressive, with players even needing to coordinate hacking doors while the opposing players invade and have to take down the enemy ship’s shields so the cruiser could land a killing blow. It all ended with the title Warframe Railjack.

But apparently, even that wasn’t enough as the team ended the event with a teaser for a further expansion called The New War. They mentioned it being a continuation of the previously released Sacrifice expansion that was added to the game last week.

The little developer that could also announced that its ninja looter will also be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. The port will be developed by Panic Button, the same team that handled the Doom and recently released Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus ports. The announcement was accompanied by a trailer, and though no release window was given, Digital Extremes hopes to have new information on it soon.

Digital Extreme’s 2018 Tennocon presentation really did show that the game continues to be a labor of love for its development team. The devs looked genuinely excited to show the fans their new additions to the game, and the fans were right there with them. While last year’s Plains of Eidolon drew many people’s attention towards the ambitious free-to-play game, this year’s showing reveals they were barely scratching the surface.

Warframe is free-to-play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One now and will be available on Nintendo Switch some time in the near future.

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