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Sony Refunding Anthem After Causing PS4 System Crashes

It’s safe to say that the past week has been a tough one for Anthem and its developer BioWare. Now it looks like that may be about to get a lot worse as it is being reported that Sony is refunding Anthem after the game has been found to be causing system crashes on the PlayStation 4.

While Anthem has had its fair share of problems, as do a lot of games at launch, there is one problem in particular that is causing a particularly unpleasant problem for some. A bug has been found that is causing Anthem on PlayStation 4 to cause a complete system crash. The system crash seems to happen when players try to close the Anthem application from the PlayStation 4 menu. Doing so leads to a total shut down of the console.

The issue has been reported by players in numerous threads over on the game’s subreddit, and according to some users, this has been a problem that has persisted since the game’s VIP Demo which was run in February.

As a result of the system crash, it is being alleged by some users that Sony is offering refunds on their Anthem purchase. Reddit user SoundAndFury87 posted a comment in one thread stating that Sony was aware of the issue and are offering him a complete refund on the game, with no questions asked.

In the same thread, there are dozens of similar posts from other users who have claimed that they have received a refund from Sony after getting in touch with Sony’s support chat.

There have been some reports that the Xbox One version of Anthem is also suffering from a similar bug, although it doesn’t seem to be as wide-spread at present as the PlayStation 4 one. At this moment in time, there aren’t any reports of Microsoft refunding Anthem.

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