Review Policy

Video games give a wide range of experiences these days as many aspects of them get better and worse as time goes on. No longer do we live in an age where we base games on sprite quality or how good the jumping mechanic is or how long levels are. Now we have to take into account how tight the controls are, how well characters respond, how good the game looks and of course if there are any glitches or errors that ruin the overall experience. We also have to take into account the story and ambience. Does it successfully immerse the player in its make believe world? Does the plot make any sense and is it easy to follow? Do the characters make you believe every word they say? All of these things are what make a video game and are the basics on what we reviewers look at to give you a rundown on what to expect when considering playing a game.

You may read up and disagree on our points. You are very welcome to do so but we must point out that reviews featured on Gaming Respawn are the opinion of the reviewer and the reviewer alone. At the end of the day we, at Gaming Respawn, do not want readers to waste their money on poorly made video games.

Here at Gaming Respawn, we utilize a strict code when reviewing games and gaming related products. When we undertake a review, many aspects come into play to give you, the reader, the most honest and unbiased opinion of that particular product. Your reasons for reading reviews may differ but we at Gaming Respawn will always give you accurate views on the many fundamental categories that are contained within a video game.

These are:


Introductions give readers background information on the game for the less knowledgeable. It may include things like the series that the game is part of, perhaps some mentions of the game’s development history, key people, the developer’s previous titles and the genre of the game.


The second paragraph will mostly focus on the story. If the story is a big part of the game being reviewed, this will be in more detail. Don’t fret though as we at Gaming Respawn will NEVER give away key plot details and spoilers in reviews. We WILL however tell our opinion on it whether it is good or bad.

Detailed Praise/Criticism

We then go on to the crucial parts of the game such as graphics, gameplay, control schemes, features such as any assortment of game modes, mechanics, and any online functions the game may have. This section will always be detailed as these make up the body of a video game. We will always give 100% honest opinions on most or all of these areas.


Here we give a paragraph which sums up the game in a nutshell which acts as a finisher to the review. Summaries may tell you whether or not the game is worth your time or worth spending your money on.


The score is determined by the reviews content and ratio of good and bad points of a game. Scores are between 0-10 in denominations of .5.