Xbox One X Outsells PS4 Pro on Amazon’s Bestsellers List

On Sunday at Gamescom, Microsoft announced that “The world’s most powerfull console” would be available for pre-order. With a special Project Scorpio edition being available, retaile...Read More

Project Scorpio Pre-Order Appears on Amazon

It has been widely reported that Microsoft will be revealing some details about their upcoming mid-cycle upgrade to the Xbox One, Project Scorpio, this Thursday. Microsoft will probably not show us wh...Read More

Latest News and Rumors From CES 2017 Las Vegas

With 2017’s Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, now underway, gamers, lovers of gadgets, computers, TVs and just about anyone that likes to know about and have the latest and greatest technology will b...Read More

Amazon and Twitch Team Up for Twitch Prime

Amazon and Twitch have teamed up to bring new game related benefits to Amazon Prime users. Amazon Prime subscribers will now receive gaming benefits with their subscriptions. These benefits include fr...Read More

Price Crash for Hyped No Man’s Sky

The ambitious space exploration game No Man’s Sky, developed by Hello Games, has taken a turn for the worse as Amazon has slashed the price for the PS4 version of the game. As a result, you can now pi...Read More

Amazon PlayStation VR Pre-Orders to Be Fulfilled by December

Any pre-orders for PlayStation VR on may not be fulfilled until December 12th, a whole 2 months after release. Amazon have been saying for many months now that pre-orders will be sent out...Read More

There’s a $130 Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition…and It Doesn’t Include a Copy of the Game

Collector’s editions are becoming more and more popular these days and are known for their range of “exclusive” goodies they come bundled with and usually, a copy of the actual game ...Read More

Oculus Rift is back in stock on Amazon

For those who want to order or plan on ordering the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, there’s great news. If you’re looking to grab one yourself, Amazon now has them back in stock again...Read More

Call of Duty: Black Ops Sales Soar 13,400% Following Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Yesterday Call of Duty: Black Ops was added to the Xbox One’s list of backwards compatible titles, and as a result the update sent sales of Black Ops on Xbox 360 to soar through the roof with Am...Read More

Best Cyber Monday Video Game Deals on Amazon

Black Friday has been and gone but there still hasn’t stopped the abundance of great deals being offered for video games on Amazon. In fact, Cyber Monday is offering  better deals on games, cons...Read More

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