The Fitzgerald Scale – My Top 20 Favourite Video Games Part One – 20 to 16

I’m not sure what motivated me to make this list, but a contributing factor was probably my own personal interest. I was genuinely interested in seeing what I’d put. I had a good idea of what the firs...Read More

Retro Respawn Video Review – Danny Baker’s Fabulous World of Freak Football

“Football is not trainspotting and, despite what they say, it’s not accountancy either. Oh, you can make it a PLC, but you cannot tame it. Football is chaos, football is wild, and it’...Read More

9.5 Amazing

Retro Respawn – Captain Commando

Captain Commando is one of those weird arcade games from the 90s that I honestly thought I’d just imagined. The reason for this is that Captain Commando is so brazenly silly that part of me felt that ...Read More

Retro Respawn – FIFA International Soccer (Super Nintendo Version)

Even great journeys can begin with the smallest of steps, and never has this been more apt than when describing the incredible success of Electronic Arts’ FIFA Soccer series. To compare the firs...Read More

Retro Respawn DVD Review – Doctor Who: The Dominators

I’ve decided to try something new this week for the Film and TV section of the website. Today I’ll be looking at a classic episode of one of my favourite TV shows, Doctor Who. I don’t watch a lot of T...Read More

6.5 Fair

Retro Respawn – Knights of the Round

Describing where I first played Knights of the Round may prove a tad confusing to younger readers as well as those outside of the UK. You see, back in the day there was a place known as Camelot. It wa...Read More

Wrestle Respawn – How Did Mike Do with His Wrestle Kingdom 12 Predictions?

So two weeks ago I gave some predictions for what I thought was going to happen at Wrestle Kingdom 12. With that show now in the record books, I decided to go back and see how I did prediction wise, a...Read More

Retro Respawn – Bad Dudes Vs DragonNinja

Sometimes you play a game that’s not especially great but is so silly that it becomes quite endearing. Bad Dudes Vs DragonNinja from Data East is very much one of those games. It starts out with you b...Read More

Wrestle Respawn – Mike Tries to Predict the Top Three Matches at Wrestle Kingdom 12

I haven’t been watching a lot of WWE recently. For whatever reason, the current product on offer just doesn’t really do anything for me. The recent Clash of Champions event passed by and I barely gave...Read More

The Fitzgerald Scale – Five Great Games to Play in Offline Co-op Multiplayer

Ah, it’s good to have friends isn’t it? Someone to watch a movie with… Someone to go to a sporting event with… Someone to help you cover up a grisly murder… And (most importantly for...Read More

Wrestle Respawn – My Top Ten Favourite Lariats/Clotheslines

In the world of professional wrestling, it is sometimes favourable to keep things simple instead of overly complicating them. Yes, a fluent series of high spots can sometimes be truly thrilling and re...Read More

Windjammers (PS4) Review

This week I combine both a retrospective and a review as today’s topic has recently seen a re-release to virtual shelves after 22 long years. Windjammers first hit the scene in arcades way back in 199...Read More

7 Good

Star Wars: Battlefront II Review

The build-up for Star Wars: Battlefront II is somewhat reminiscent of the hype and build of 1999’s The Phantom Menace. Episode I was promised to herald in a new era of Star Wars, it was the firs...Read More

9 Amazing

Rings of Saturn Issue #20: “Euro 96” in IF THIS IS FOOTBALL COMING HOME, THEN I’M MOVING HOUSE!!

For those not acquainted with mid 90s British culture, they were a strange time to be around. Bands like Oasis and Blur gave birth to the “Brit Pop” movement, and in turn, the tagline of “Cool Britann...Read More

WWE Unreleased: 1986-1995 Review

I’ve been planning to review this collection for a while, but due to other commitments I’ve been forced to work my way through it at a snail’s pace. Because make no mistake, WWE Unreleased: 1986-1995 ...Read More

8 Great

Wrestle Respawn – NJPW Power Struggle 2017

I don’t get a chance to write about Puroresu that much here on GR but, seeing as New Japan Pro Wrestling’s “Power Struggle” event this prior weekend was both newsworthy and a fun show to boot, I decid...Read More

Retro Respawn – My Top Ten Opening Level Themes

Hello again, dear reader. Welcome back for some more retro ramblings from yours truly. This week is going to be another one of my “famed” music list articles. Opening levels/stages in games are someti...Read More

Retro Respawn – Top Ten Favourite Mortal Kombat Fatalities (from Mortal Kombat 4 to Deception)

A while back I looked at my ten favourite fatalities from the first three Mortal Kombat games. Considering that the MK series recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, I decided I would take a look at...Read More

Retro Respawn – Tekken 3

I’m not sure if what I’m about to write is going to be controversial or not, but I’m going to write it anyway. Tekken 3 is without question my favourite game in the Tekken series. To me, the third ite...Read More

Retro Wrestle Respawn – Five of My Favourite Rivalries for Secondary Titles

As Dusty Rhodes once so succinctly put to Diamond Dallas Page; “If you’re not in this business to be the World Champion, then why are you in it?” True though those words certainly are it’s a harsh rea...Read More

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