Firewatch Sales Surpass 1 Million Copies Sold

Sales of Campo Santo’s Firewatch have surpassed one million copies, the developer has announced. Campo Santo revealed the news in a tweet on Twitter, stating that sometime last year the studio s...Read More

Indie game Firewatch has been a huge success selling half a million copies

Campo Santo’s huge indie hit, Firewatch, has proven to be a big success with the gaming community after the developer announced that it has managed to sell over half a million copies since the g...Read More

Firewatch sales are beyond Campo Santo’s “wildest expectations”

Sales of Campo Santo’s Firewatch have been beyond the developers “wildest expectations”, the studio has revealed on Twitter. Not only is that good news for Firewatch and the prospect...Read More

Firewatch Review

How nice would it be to be able to take up a job that enables you to just forget all your problems and just get away? Somewhere nice, hot and quiet. Well our protagonist, Henry, does just that in Camp...Read More

Firewatch may come to Xbox One, but a future sequel is ruled out

Firewatch is an intriguing game which up until the last few months, had flown under the radar. With its release on PlayStation 4 and PC just days away, developer Campo Santo has confirmed that they wo...Read More

The Games to Look Out for in February

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Currently No Plans to bring Firewatch to Xbox One

  Upcoming adventure game Firewatch will only be available on PS4 and PC when the game launches, with developer Campo Santo currently having no plans to bring the game to the Xbox One. That’...Read More