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Le Tour de France 2017 Review

The real-life Tour de France is probably the world’s most famous bike race, a 3,500 kilometre, three-week contest famed for being a punishing test of stamina and commitment. Converting this into a vid...Read More

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Farming Simulator 18 (PS Vita) Review

Farming games get a bad rap these days. You can primarily put this down to the infamy of FarmVille, a game that has spawned more scorn than any politician or evangelist in the world. However, not all ...Read More

6 Fair

The Surge Review

So, it seems ‘Souls-like’ is a genre now. Since the birth of FromSoftware’s beloved Souls franchise, we have had games that grab it, twist it and turn it into something else with the Souls...Read More

7 Good

New 14 Minute Gameplay Trailer Shows The Surge is More Than Just a Sci-fi Dark Souls

Upcoming sci-fi action RPG The Surge today reveals 14 minutes of gameplay with commentary from Deck13 Game Designer Adam Hetenyi. Explore the dystopian environments in CREO’s mysterious industrial and...Read More

Space Hulk: Deathwing Review

The Warhammer universe is massive, with new games in the series being released left, right and center. This time around we see the release of Warhammer 40K‘s oldest of board games, Space Hulk, i...Read More

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Farming Simulator 17 Review

It’s that time once again. The biennial cycle that is Farming Simulator is back. This time around Giants Software has included even more vehicles, brands, animals, and trains. The Farming Simula...Read More

Seasons After Fall Review

For a while now I have only been getting more and more fed up with indie 2D platformers. This is mostly due to the fact that they are easy to make so there are lots out there, and partially because I ...Read More

Farming Simulator 17 New Gameplay Trailer

Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive have released a new gameplay trailer for Farming Simulator 17. Discover how to keep and tend animals in this latest entry in Giants Software’s premiere...Read More

The Technomancer Review

In a world chock full of excellent role playing games, releasing a new one comes at a cost. It’s tough to hold off comparing rookie titles to all time greats of the genre especially if you’re a fan. T...Read More