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jurassic world evolution

Build Your Own Park with Jurassic World Evolution

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: Dinosaurs are cool. In fact, dinosaurs are cooler than they have ever been thanks to the reboot of the much loved Jurassic Park franchise. As a Ju...Read More

Planet Coaster Sells Over One Million Copies

Theme park management game Planet Coaster has sold more than one million copies, developer and publisher Frontier Developments has announced. Planet Coaster launched on Steam in November 2016 and has ...Read More

The Commanders Beta Coming to Elite: Dangerous on Monday

Well, it wouldn’t quite be Elite: Dangerous without at least some confusion or delay regarding upcoming content, especially with a slightly ambiguous statement like “landing the week ending February 2...Read More

First Contact with Aliens Made in Elite: Dangerous

The Milky Way has been a pretty lonely place for humans in the space trading and combat simulation Elite: Dangerous. All that seemed to lie beyond the bubble of colonised space was a seemingly endless...Read More

Elite: Dangerous Coming to PS4 Summer 2017

Frontier Developments have announced that Elite: Dangerous is finally coming to PS4. The space trading and combat simulation, which was the first game in the much-revered Elite series for 20 years, be...Read More

Win32 and DX10 Support May Be Dropped from Elite: Dangerous

Frontier Developments are considering ending support for 32-bit and DX10 Windows systems in their popular space sim Elite: Dangerous. In a forum post published earlier today, CEO and nerd-God David Br...Read More

Guardians Beta Coming to Elite: Dangerous on Tuesday

Gosh dang it! Just as I’d began the long and arduous journey out to Jacques station in the Colonia Nebula to see for myself what all the fuss was about, Frontier Developments announced the imminent la...Read More

A Look at New Features Coming in Elite: Dangerous 2.2

You could say we’re enjoying something of a space renaissance within the wonderful world of gaming. But with all the talk of late revolving around the release of the highly divisive No Man’s Sky (if e...Read More