The Fitzgerald Scale – Should Nintendo Stop Making Consoles?

Does anyone else think that Nintendo should stop making consoles? Am I alone on this one? I accept that this might be seen as a strange argument to make, seeing as Nintendo only recently hit the one m...Read More

Nintendo Adds Another Funky Colour to the Switch’s Colour Scheme

Nintendo have once again stood out from the console crowd with their ever-expanding colour scheme for the Nintendo Switch. Neon yellow-coloured Joy-Con controllers have recently been announced and wil...Read More

N3 – Volume 4 – Virtua Striker 3: Version 2002

Previously in an edition of Retro Respawn, I covered Virtua Striker 2 on the Dreamcast. In some ways I should just direct you to read that article because when it comes to gameplay, there is very litt...Read More

N3 – Volume 3 – Wario World

Wario World is an interesting game that certainly kept my interest, though I’d stop short of calling it a killer piece of software for the GameCube. It’s an enjoyable enough romp that sees you punch, ...Read More

N3 – Volume 2 – WWE Day of Reckoning 2

I continue to work my way through the games that came with my GameCube as I play Day of Reckoning 2 this week. Having really enjoyed WrestleMania XIX, I was understandably grateful for some more WWE a...Read More

N3 – Volume 1 – WrestleMania XIX

As I mentioned in the introduction for N3, I didn’t play the GameCube that much while it was still an active console. This was down to a combination of two major factors. Firstly, I could only afford ...Read More

New For 2017! – N3 – An Introduction

First off, I’d like to thank Adam Turek for being a lamb and making the logo for me. He also made the Rings of Saturn one for me as well, so let’s all take a moment to thank him. Thanks, A...Read More

Retro Respawn – Legends of Wrestling II (UK Version)

We’ve all got one. A game from our youth that we sunk hours into, even if it was pretty mediocre when you take time to think about it. In most cases, we probably all knew that the game we spent ...Read More

The Good and the Bad…Resident Evil Part 3

So, here we are again guys and girls, it’s time for your weekly look at the biggest franchises in gaming history. The ones that are loved, and the ones that have to live in the cupboard under th...Read More

The Good and the Bad…Resident Evil

“The Good and the Bad”. In this series of articles we will look at some of the biggest franchises in gaming history and talk about the good and the bad games within those titles. First up ...Read More

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