Indie Freebie of the Week

Indie Freebies: Among Thorns and Others

This week’s highlighted Indie Freebies are: Among Thorns, a short cyberpunk point-and-click adventure from Matt Frith; In the Zone, a top-down zombie shooter from the festivally-named SantaGames; and ...Read More

Indie Freebie of the Week: Dead Man’s Journey

This week I’ve been taking a look at two short but very different Indie Freebies, jump-scare darkness fest Dead Man’s Journey and retro-style FPS Bitsturbed. First up is Dead Man’s Journey, a sh...Read More

Indie Freebie of the Week: The Games of Eight Bit Skyline

This week I’d like to introduce you to four short Indie Freebies from Eight Bit Skyline, a Norwegian game designer who also goes under the moniker of Seaman Naranja. I’m currently going through a phas...Read More

Indie Freebie of the Week: I’m Alright

This week’s featured Indie Freebie is 2D platformer I’m Alright. I can’t really explain why, but I was drawn to this game by its curious name and cover art while perusing the catalogue on Game Jolt. B...Read More