Rime Review

I almost don’t want to write about Rime. This is not because it’s a terrible game but rather the opposite, it’s an often stunning, unique experience that revolves around exploration ...Read More

10 Superb

Coatsink’s Hand-Drawn Platforming Game, Shu, Headed to PS Vita in May With Free DLC

After Shu’s successful launch on the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam, developers Coatsink have announced their carefully crafted, hand-drawn platformer will be coming to PS Vita on May 23rd 2017,...Read More

SkyKeepers Review

When you play enough 2D indie action platformers, you have to resist the urge to roll your eyes when you see yet another one and pro-actively make the effort to give it the benefit of the doubt. SkyKe...Read More

8.5 Great

The Retro Chronicles…Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

CROC: LEGEND OF THE GOBBOS Release Date: 1997 (PS1/Saturn) Genre: 3D platformer Developer: Argonaut Software Publisher: Fox Interactive Available: PS1 (Version reviewed), Sega Saturn, as well as poor ...Read More

Sign of the Times: The Pedestrian Now on Kickstarter

I rather liked the short demo of The Pedestrian, which I covered back when I was still opening my advent calendar and savouring a little dark chocolate treat each morning with my coffee. Ah, good time...Read More

The Dark Beauty of Rain World Revealed on Imgur

Like its strange and wondrous inhabitants do to escape the long spells of “bone-crushingly intense rains”, Rain World seems to have been in something of a state of hibernation – at least news-wise. Fo...Read More

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Review

Despite starring in a series spanning almost 15 years, WayForward’s indie darling mascot, Shantae, only began to pick up in popularity in 2013 when Nintendo fans started suggesting her as a possible c...Read More

9 Amazing

Gunmetal Arcadia Preview

Every so often I am pleasantly surprised by a game. Last year I got just that surprise when Gunmetal Arcadia Zero was included as a Humble Original for their monthly subscribers. Having spent plenty o...Read More

Shu Review

What makes an adventure game good, or any game good for that matter? A game needs to have an interesting story, and the game should also be fun so a gamer would want to pick it up and play it. That...Read More

8.5 Great

The Retro Chronicles…Krusty’s Super Fun House

KRUSTY’S SUPER FUN HOUSE Release Date: 1992/93 Genre: Puzzle-platformer Developer: Audiogenic Publisher: Virgin Games/Acclaim (Flying Edge) Available: Sega Mega Drive (version reviewed), SNES – minor ...Read More

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