Four Last Things Review

After a playthrough of The Curse of Monkey Island for my Retro Chronicles series, I got the bug for more point & click adventure goodness. I didn’t expect to find anything interesting, given the g...Read More

8.5 Great

Memoranda Review

Mizuka is a young woman who keeps forgetting her name. She hasn’t slept for 17 days – the invisible old sailor living next to her bed won’t let her. A runaway circus elephant wants to be human. He’s h...Read More

7 Good
Pixel Art Academy Title

Pixel Art Academy: Learn Art Through a Social Adventure Game

When I were a young ‘un, video games and pixel art were pretty much one and the same. Aside from some fairly primitive 3D, the comparatively miniscule resolution, memory and processing power of the 8-...Read More

Hardboiled Cyberpunk Adventure Neofeud Coming Soon

I’m not sure what compels me towards dystopian fiction and hardboiled detectives, maybe it’s because I’m a jaded, miserable git who thinks the world is going to hell, but I loved the trailers for the ...Read More

The Little Acre Review

Independent game development has been on the rise in Ireland in the past few years, but despite the vast amount of unique titles in development, few have stuck out to me like Pewter Games’ The L...Read More

5.5 Average

Indie Freebie of the Week: The Games of Eight Bit Skyline

This week I’d like to introduce you to four short Indie Freebies from Eight Bit Skyline, a Norwegian game designer who also goes under the moniker of Seaman Naranja. I’m currently going through a phas...Read More

Find redemption with Thimbleweed Park for $25

Do you feel bad about pirating Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island when you were a kid? I know I do, although I’m pretty sure I owned a boxed version of Monkey Island 2 for the Amiga back in the day (11 ...Read More