Hacked Off: When the Tutorials for Video Games Are Terribly Done

What better way to start off the New Year than by continuing to rant about trivial aspects in video games? Tutorials normally annoy me in any format, as I’m a bigger fan of being left to one’s own dev...Read More

Pokémon Sun and Moon Review

Author’s Note: For the purpose of this review, I personally played Pokémon Moon. However, the differences between the two versions are minimal, so this review encompasses both games. The Pokémon...Read More

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Hacked Off: When Video Game Characters Somehow Carry Hundreds of Items

In most games the characters can carry everything but the kitchen sink. No matter what they are wearing, they seem to find a place for it all. Even in God of War where Kratos is practically wearing no...Read More

Pokémon Sun/Moon Becomes Nintendo’s Best-Selling Launch in the UK Ever

Pokémon Sun and Moon were released in the UK on November 23rd, selling more copies than any other Nintendo game on launch. The game beat the previous record holder, Wii-Fit, which has held the record ...Read More

Pokemon Sun and Moon Have Sold Nearly 2m Copies, Falling Just Short of Surpassing Pokemon X and Y

Pokémon Sun and Moon have managed to sell just under 2 million units during the games’ opening weekend in Japan, making it one of the most successful 3DS launches ever. According to Famitsu, dur...Read More

Hacked Off: When Video Games Have Awful Mini-Games

Mini-games are some of the best things in video games. They often break up the action with a fun little activity. Yet, some developers don’t uphold the sanctity of the mini-game and try to give them a...Read More

Hacked Off: The Build-up of Hype Too Far Before New Game Releases

Now, hype is a weird one. Obviously, it’s something that can never really change. If a developer decided to stop building up anticipation for a game, they would be marked fools. There would be no real...Read More

10 Games to Still Look Out for This Year

With two months until the end of the 2016 gaming year, we take a quick look at 10 games we still have yet to play that you best keep an eye out for. Some of these titles you’ll play well into 20...Read More

Grimer Is the Latest Pokémon to Get an Alolan Form

Grimer has become the newest 1st generation Pokémon to receive the Alolan treatment. The Japanese magazine, Corocoro, released images of the new look. Along with the change to its appearance comes a n...Read More

Early Purchasers of Pokémon Sun or Moon Get an Exclusive Munchlax

The Pokémon Company and Nintendo have unveiled details about a unique Munchlax that evolves into Pulverizing Snorlax for those who purchase Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon by Wednesday, January 11th, 2017...Read More