The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – A Game Stretched Too Thin?

Let me start off by saying The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of my favourite games and definitely my favourite Zelda that I’ve played thus far. That statement is, of course, marred by the...Read More

Rime Review

I almost don’t want to write about Rime. This is not because it’s a terrible game but rather the opposite, it’s an often stunning, unique experience that revolves around exploration ...Read More

10 Superb

Sign of the Times: The Pedestrian Now on Kickstarter

I rather liked the short demo of The Pedestrian, which I covered back when I was still opening my advent calendar and savouring a little dark chocolate treat each morning with my coffee. Ah, good time...Read More

Shed Some Light on Night Lights’ 2D Puzzles

The background to Night Lights’ mysterious night-time world of murky forests, city rooftops, otherworldly ruins and vast underground caverns is not yet clear. Nor indeed is the reason for why our litt...Read More

The Retro Chronicles…Krusty’s Super Fun House

KRUSTY’S SUPER FUN HOUSE Release Date: 1992/93 Genre: Puzzle-platformer Developer: Audiogenic Publisher: Virgin Games/Acclaim (Flying Edge) Available: Sega Mega Drive (version reviewed), SNES – minor ...Read More

Portal Meets Super Meat Boy in Portal Mortal

One man, one room, one purpose: reach the exit – so goes the description. Like with so many other 2D puzzle platformers, the premise is simple and the formula relatively familiar. But for me, Portal M...Read More

The Retro Chronicles… Dizzy II: Treasure Island Dizzy

DIZZY II: TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY Release Date: 1988/1989 Genre: Puzzle-platformer Developer: The Oliver Twins Publisher: Codemasters Available: Originally on ZX Spectrum, ported to Commodore 64, Amstra...Read More

Sign Me Up for The Pedestrian

I do love a good puzzle-platformer, but they can tend to be a bit samey. Happily then, Skookum Arts’ The Pedestrian offers something a little fresher and more innovative. It still involves the u...Read More

Affordable Space Adventures Review

Affordable Space Adventures is a strategy/stealth puzzler created in a collaboration between Nifflas Games (Knytt Underground, Nightsky) and KnapNok Games (Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party). In t...Read More