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The Retro Chronicles…Krusty’s Super Fun House

KRUSTY’S SUPER FUN HOUSE Release Date: 1992/93 Genre: Puzzle-platformer Developer: Audiogenic Publisher: Virgin Games/Acclaim (Flying Edge) Available: Sega Mega Drive (version reviewed), SNES – minor ...Read More

Retro Respawn – Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium

Back to the warm bosom of Nintendo we go for some top class grapple action from our good friends at Human Entertainment. Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium was the last Fire Pro game to be released on...Read More

Retro Respawn – My Top Ten Favourite Boss Themes

Back with another music list this week, as I quite enjoy writing them and it gives me a good excuse to listen to some big popping banging tunes! (Did I say that right, youngsters?). Today’s topic is m...Read More

Retro Respawn – Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind

Sometimes I wonder if I just lack the commitment to truly hate things. I say that because when the two Bubsy games from the Super Nintendo were re-released to Steam back in December 2015, I may have b...Read More

Retro Respawn – Super Soccer

There are some games that enjoy massive popularity and I just can’t fathom why. For that reason, I’ve been kind of dreading doing a feature on this one for a while. I have never had the warm nostalgic...Read More