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I'm a reviewer/writer and subeditor for Gaming Respawn. Video games are my life and my passion, though I also enjoy watching movies and anime, reading comics and fantasy novels, and collecting an embarrassing number of action figures related to my other previously mentioned hobbies. Human interaction and sunlight are overrated.

Gaming Respawn’s Game Trailers That Got Us Super Hyped

Daniel Garcia-Montes
Over recent years, video game trailers have become as prominent as movie trailers, if not more so. And just like movie trailers, video game trailers

Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps- Silver Lining DLC Review

Daniel Garcia-Montes
Now we have the conclusion to The City That Never Sleeps DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man. The final episode, Silver Lining, picks up a number of

Gaming Respawn’s Most Disappointing Games of 2018

Daniel Garcia-Montes
Well, 2018 is almost over. We’ve already discussed our games of the year (check them out HERE and HERE), but now tis the season of

Gaming Respawn’s Game of the Year 2018 Part 2

Daniel Garcia-Montes
Welcome back to our game of the year feature, Gaming Respawn’s Game of the Year 2018 Part 2. If you haven’t seen part 1, you

Gaming Respawn’s Game of the Year 2018 Part 1

Daniel Garcia-Montes
It’s that time of year again…the time where us Gaming Respawners get together and share our own personal games of the year and reveal why