New No Man’s Sky Trading Trailer

No Man’s Sky newest trailer in the series is all about the trading.

Sony released the trailer showing off the third pillar, ‘Trade’, in their 4 part series of trailers called ‘Guide to the Galaxy’, and last week saw the release of the combat trailer. One more trailer remains and that is the ‘Survival’ trailer.

The trailer starts with the player mining valuable resources on a planet, then trading said items to buy upgrades. ‘Every trade has a story’, this being where the minerals have come from: space, planets, underwater. You can then sell these items at space stations for upgrades or crafting.

Even finding old or damaged machinery reaps rewards such as blueprints and resources for upgrading your ship or weapons, while in the process allowing for further exploration.

No Man’s Sky is due to release on August 9th on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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