Own a Piece of Retro Gaming History with the New Stunning NEOGEO Art Book

A new art book which celebrated one of the best home games consoles of all time is out now and features some of the stunning graphics from the most powerful console of the early 90s.

The NEOGEO is a console often praised for its strong graphical capabilities. It managed to perfectly capture the true arcade experience and, for the first time, bring it into the home. Now it is possible to own an officially licensed art book which celebrates the pure might of one of the world’s best retro gaming consoles.

NEOGEO: A Visual History features the best artwork that the system has to offer and features everything from concept art, to covers to pixel-perfect graphics. Each chapter covers a different aspect of NEOGEO artwork and features exclusive interviews with the people who were integral to bringing the system to life.

NEOGEO: A Visual History is out now! Get your copy HERE for just £29.99 (UK price)

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