Next Call of Duty will take place in Space, according to reports

Rumours regarding this year’s Call of Duty show no sign of slowing down. We’ve had everything from Ghosts 2 to Modern Warfare 4, however, according to the latest report, the next Call of Duty game will take place in space and will focus heavily on sci-fi.

The game is said to take place far into the future with different groups battling it out in space. The game won’t be the first time that the series has strayed into space as the opening of Call of Duty: Ghosts saw players battle it out on the ODIN Space Station. However, while the past few entries in the series have been set into the future, this year’s game will be the first to take place in the very far future.

Details of the new Call of Duty were posted by Shinobi who regularly releases gossip from the industry. Eurogamer have stated that the information revealed by Shinobi matches that with the details they have heard from their own independent sources which definitely adds credibility to this story.

Shinobi was asked on Neogaf if the Call of Duty title was going to be similar in style to Battlefield 2142, to which he replied, “Very far future. Space combat. Full on sci-fi.”

Infinity Ward are developing this year’s Call of Duty and it is understood that the new game is not a direct sequel to any of Infinity Ward’s previous Call of Duty titles.

We did have a lot of fun playing the ODIN Space Station mission at the start of Call of Duty: Ghosts, so it will be interesting to see how a full-on space setting will suit Call of Duty as it will mark the first time that the series has been set outside Earth.

Expect the latest Call of Duty to launch in November on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

We have contacted Activision for comment, so will provide any updates if we hear any. Would you welcome the game being sci-fi and set in space, or do you want the series to return to its roots and stay firmly grounded on Earth? Let us know in the comments section below!

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