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Batman: Arkham Knight contains Halloween specific scene

As many people who played Batman: Arkham City should be aware, the game had date specific Easter eggs in the form of Calendar Man’s presence and the things he said. Although Calendar Man is absent from the sequel Batman: Arkham Knight, the concept was clearly well received enough for Rocksteady to put in at least one Easter egg unique to October 31st, better known as Halloween.

Below lies spoilers, so tread carefully.

If you set the date on your PC or Console to Halloween, assuming you don’t choose to just wait for the date to come, as well as having completed the most wanted mission “Creature of the Night” featuring Man-Bat, you will be treated to a surprise. For those of you who want to know more, check out the link to the video at the end of this article, alternatively you can go and change the date to experience it for yourselves, or you could take the long way around and wait for the day to arrive. Regardless it can only be hoped that there are more scenes just like this waiting to be found in the game.

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