System Shock Remake Seeks Funding On Kickstarter, Playable Demo Available Now

A System Shock remake is currently on Kickstarter and is being developed by NightDive Studios, the team behind some AAA titles like the Fallout series, World of Warcraft and Skyrim. The studio is seeking a $900,000 goal and as of right now, pledges have reached $325,000 however you can play the pre-alpha demo for free through Steam, the Humble Store and

According to the project’s crowdfunding page, the game will be a “complete remake” of the original 1994 title, built using the Unity Engine. Nightdive is careful to note this is just a proof of concept, so everything you see in the demo is subject to change for the final product.

“We want to demonstrate our commitment and passion for System Shock by providing a fun and exciting experience to potential backers,” the description reads. “This demo represents the look and feel that we want to achieve with the final version we’ll deliver to you, our backers. …We hope you enjoy your time aboard Citadel Station! SHODAN eagerly awaits your arrival…”

There are some rewards for backers but the one that seems worth it is, those who pledge at least $150. You will receive the Big Box Collector’s Edition, which includes the game’s soundtrack, a collectible handbook, patch and pin, as well as a steel DVD case and repair-bot figurine. You can take a look of the Big Box Collector’s Edition below.


Source: IGN

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