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Open World 2D Adventure Game PONCHO now Available on Wii U

Rising Star Games announced today that PONCHO is now available on Wii U. Brought to you by the creative minds at Delve Interactive, PONCHO‘s open-world 2D adventure offers a unique twist: at any time, players can shift at will between three planes of depth, allowing them to traverse obstacles in different planes of existence.

PONCHO tells the story of the eponymous robot, who awakens to discover a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has completely disappeared. Players will discover an artfully pixelated world filled with environmental puzzles and choose from various paths to take as they travel through the game’s many varied ecosystems to unravel its mysteries.

Developed by Delve Interactive and published by Rising Star Games, PONCHO is now available on Wii U for $7.99/€8.99/£9.99. Players can also experience PONCHO on PC, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4.

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