Final Fantasy XV “Dawn” Trailer Shown at Gamescom

A new trailer for Final Fantasy XV was recently shared at gamescom 2015. The trailer is titled “Dawn” and it seems to show some of the backstory of the game.

While the trailer has no gameplay and sadder yet, no release date, it conveys a beautiful relationship between Noctis and his father. The trailer shows a man who looks very different than the man we thought to be Noctis’ father from the initial E3 trailer. Could it be that the two men are different or has Noctis’ father gone through a redesign? This wouldn’t be surprising as a character in the early trailers of the game was actually scrapped and replaced by an entirely new character.

Either way, the trailer has many Final Fantasy fans, myself included, excited for the next installment. Hopefully a release date is in the near future.

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