Grimer Is the Latest Pokémon to Get an Alolan Form

Grimer has become the newest 1st generation Pokémon to receive the Alolan treatment. The Japanese magazine, Corocoro, released images of the new look. Along with the change to its appearance comes a new typing. Grimer is now a poison/dark typing, instead of being just a pure poison type.


However, it doesn’t show us whether Muk will get a makeover or not. While it would be easy to assume Muk will, I’m not certain. Meowth, Marowak, Raichu, and Exeggutor have an Alolan form, while the rest of their evolution lines do not. The latest trailer for Pokémon Sun/Moon is due to be released on Friday. It will no doubt show off the new Grimer and maybe give some more information about him.

The Alolan forms have been a great addition, with most making classic Pokémon feel new. Most of the forms have done the originals justice, but it’s a shame Pokémon from other generations won’t get the treatment. The only ones who could see a new form are Solrock and Lunatone.

So, who will be the next to get an Alolan form? Well, rumours suggest Koffing and Weezing are due to be released, but that’s not confirmed, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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