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Are We About to See FIFA Street 2? A New FIFA Street Game Could Be on Its Way Soon

It’s been four years since EA last released a FIFA Street game. That was back in 2012 on PS3 and Xbox 360. Since its release EA has been silent with regards to another game in the series; however, it looks like there’s a chance that another FIFA Street game may be in development as we speak and may not be too far away.

Football freestyler Steve Elias may have hinted at the new game when he made a post to his Instagram page which showed him filming in motion capture gear inside an EA studio. With the picture he included a caption which asked gamers if they wanted to see a new FIFA Street.

While there’s no questioning the picture’s authenticity, there appears to be a chance that Steve Elias took this picture when he was working on FIFA Street 4 before its release in 2012. A clue could be the ball pictured in the image which appears to be an Adidas Speedcell, a line of balls which were released in 2011 by Adidas. Therefore, it would make sense if this picture was taken in 2011, and Elias has re-posted it seeing who wants a new FIFA Street game.

Still, even if this picture isn’t taken from a recent session in the studio for a new FIFA Street game, Elias may be hinting at a future game as he could well be involved in another game due to his freestlying talents.

The FIFA Street spin-off series began in 2005 and focused on taking the world’s most popular sport to the streets, focusing on freestyling and tricks. It was a huge success and led to FIFA Street 2 being released a year later. A third game, FIFA Street 3, was released in 2008; however, it is considered as the worst game in the series. EA decided to reboot the series in 2012 with the release of “FIFA Street 4”, although they released it as just FIFA Street. Due to EA’s decision to title the 2012 game FIFA Street, it looks likely that this game could be called “FIFA Street 2”, despite being the 5th game released overall.

We’ll have to wait to for an official announcement from EA before we know whether or not a new FIFA Street game is in the works.

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