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Copies of Final Fantasy XV Are Already in Circulation as Retailers Break Release Date

Copies of Final Fantasy XV have been leaked into the wild after retailers in Peru, and possibly in other countries too, have broken the game’s street release date.

Final Fantasy XV releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in just under two weeks’ time; however, copies of the long-awaited game have already made their way into circulation. Several gamers have already tweeted pictures of themselves in possession of Final Fantasy XV, while others have gone as far as to post videos online of them unboxing the game.

It’s not clear where exactly these copies have been leaked from; however, it looks like these copies are coming from Peru, although there’s a chance that retailers in other countries have also broken the street release date.

It’s not uncommon for copies of a game to be leaked before release; however, gamers have been waiting ten years for Final Fantasy XV to release after first being announced back in 2006. It’s a long time overdue that’s for sure, but it is still no where close to Duke Nukem Forever‘s 14 year wait between the game being announced in 1997 and finally being released in 2011.

Hopefully, those who have managed to get an early copy of Final Fantasy XV don’t spoil the game for those who are waiting for November 29th to roll around. If I had waited 10 years for the game, I think I’d be rather pissed to have the game spoiled days before it finally releases.

If you’re waiting for reviews of Final Fantasy XV, they will be published on November 28th, just one day before the game releases. Although, it seems likely that a general consensus of how good (or bad) the game is will find its way around the internet thanks to the leaked copies.

Maybe it’s time to avoid the internet for the next two weeks…

Thanks, NeoGAF, for the spot!

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