PES 2016 on PC FINALLY gets a demo

When the demo for PES 2016 was released back in August for PS4 and Xbox One, many were hoping a PC demo would soon follow. Unfortunately for anyone sceptical of the PC “Hybrid” of PES 2016, Konami has been rather slow in releasing the demo. However after several weeks, PC users have finally got the Demo they have been waiting for.

PS4 and Xbox One users have reportedly received the “best football game ever”. PC gamers on the other hand, maybe not. The so called “Hybrid” on PC falls seriously short in terms of visuals. While gameplay is said to be identical to current-gen versions, it seems the comparions end there with the PC version feeling more like a port of last-gen PES than current-gen.

The demo is 1.5GB in size and features 5 club teams and 2 national teams to play as. These are: Juventus, AS Roma, Bayern Munich, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Brazil and France. In addition to that, two stadiums are on offer to play in, Juventus Stadium and Arena Corinthians.

Players can choose a variety of time and weather settings as well as varying difficulties and can take part in 7 or 10 minute matches.

Just like the Steam Store Page of PES 2016, the demo page is misleading with the images shown not being from the PC version. The demo is also locked to the lowest graphic settings for some weird reason, although to be fair it wouldn’t make much difference as compared to the PS4 and Xbox One versions, PES 2016 on PC looks like shit.

It looks like PC gamers aren’t happy with Konami or PES 2016…



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